Goodness makes a nation!


Who we are?


From the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been helping children's hospitals, buying vital equipment to save children.

You can always look at the results of our work on Instagram and Facebook #gooddonations_допомога. We are continue and we don’t plan to stop. We hope for your support.

How it works?

We communicate directly with the doctors of departments for which you need to purchase vital devices.

We receive an official request from the hospital with a list of equipment.

We find medical devices according to the request.

We announce fund-raising in social networks and the media, for this we often hold various charity raffles.

When the required amount is collected, we pay and deliver the equipment directly to the hospital to the hands of the doctor.

We make photo and video reports.
We publish the report on social networks.

Children are our future!And they should not suffer! 

Children should not suffer! Do not get injured!
Unfortunately, we cannot influence some circumstances, but within the scope of this project we do everything that doctors can have ability to save or at least slightly alleviate the suffering of our children!

Therefore, what we are doing together with you now is our contribution to
the future of Ukraine.

Our results

As our experience shows, every hryvnia is important!!!! Together with you, we were able to raise funds and help the following hospitals:


UAH 173 000

Zaporizhia Oblastclinical children's hospital

● Monitor with capnography function to control the level of carbon dioxide in the air - UAH 120,000● Two gurneys with a hydraulic drive - for comfortable transportation of small patients - UAH 52,488


UAH 399 000

Chernihiv Children's Hospital

● 2 Renasys Touch pumps for wound therapy (reusable) - UAH 230 000 ● 18 Renasys Touch canisters - UAH 28 800 ● 20 ports with sponges (divergent materials) for Renasys Touch - UAH 42 000 ● 12 Pico (disposable, portable vac devices) - UAH 75 000


UAH 54 000

Poltava: neonatology department

● Pulse oximeter (a device for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood) for premature babies. Because of the war, there are a lot of premature babies, and one of the most important criteria for their survival and normal development is the prevention of tissue oxygen starvation. A pulse oximeter monitors the level of oxygen in the blood.


UAH 1 255 000

Mykolaiv Regional Children's Hospital

● Device for multifunctional monitoring with amplitude encephalography - UAH 1,100,000●  Stimuplex, a device that blocks peripheral nerves, the cost is almost UAH 40,000! We also bought needles of different sizes for this machine!● Urine analyzer Dirui H-100 - UAH 30,000● Microscope Petunia MCX50 (binocular) - UAH 61,270● Dental water distiller -Drink 10 - UAH 6,500● Incubator thermostat RT-A19 - UAH 11,250


UAH 697 000

Kyiv, "Okhmatdyt"

● Valleylab vessel sealing generator - UAH 320,000
● LigaSure - a tool for electroligation and tissue separation, for laparoscopic operations in the emergency operating room, price UAH 31,310, 2 pcs
● Renasys Vac apparatus - UAH 125,000
● 50 Renasys ports - UAH 55,000
● 15 Pico Vac devices (finding and purchasing them was quite a quest!) cost - UAH 135,000


UAH 44 355

Odeska Oblast
clinical children's hospital

Ultrasonic miyka for surgical instruments

1) good cleaning in important areas, especially relevant for relief surgical instruments.
2) do not touch the surface of the instrument, but it means that it increases the wear resistance of that period of coring with the instrument, and you know that at once the scalpel is skinned on the rahunka.
3) do not break the surface of the instruments, protecting them from the appearance of bluntness, which gives the surgeon the opportunity to work accurately and small cuts, not traumatizing the tissues. varity - 44 355 UAH

A small step for you is a huge contribution
to the future of Ukraine!


Goodness creates a nation!


Who supported us:


Khrystyna ShyshporPrima Ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine


Natalia Mogilevska People's Artist of Ukraine, singer, actress, TV presenter, producer


Heorhiy Bushchan Football player, goalkeeper of Kyiv football club "Dynamo" and the national team of Ukraine


Vitaly KimHead of Mykolaiv regional state administration


Valery ZaluzhnyCommander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


«OBOZREVATEL» Ukrainian internet publication of socio-political orientation


"Telegraph"Ukrainian online edition, covering current news in Ukraine and in the world

How I can help?

Every your action is important for our cause. Please support us.


Small donations grow into huge sums. That's how we closed fees for colossal amounts. Therefore, your every contribution is very important!!!!

Repost and like

Важливо робити репости в сIt is important to repost on social networks not only our meetings, but also our results. So your friends will see our work and the children you helped.

In the world is word of mouth.

We are constantly in touch with the doctors, they inform us of the urgent needs of the hospital and the children. We purchase and deliver the necessary honey. equipment personally to the hospital in the hands of a surgeon or orthopedist. Therefore, you can be sure that your donations really help children. Tell your friends about it.


 The most difficult thing in our work is to find money for medical equipment. If you have ideas on how to attract donations or know of people who can support us, we would greatly appreciate such information.

Founders : 


Tetyana Sokhar

  • “I believe in wonders , I believe in people! Despite everything that is happening now. I believe that our children have a future, and their dreams will come true!"

    I am Tanya Sokhar, mother of two children, lawyer by education, PR specialist by profession. Now I’m the head of the Good Donation Foundation.
     At the beginning of the war, I made an important decision for herself: to help the Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital. I considered it my civic duty, the goal of which was to provide targeted assistance to children and adults treated there. Often these were seriously injured boys and girls, and some of them even lost their parents.
     I decided when I took the collected aid to Okhmatdyt for the first time, and heard several shocking stories about children, their crippled fates, and also saw the eyes of doctors: they told me how much was lacking for effective and quick treatment. They asked with hope: "You will still come!?"
     When Anya read my post about it on FB, she offered to do charity work together, I happily agreed.
     In the process of work, we realized that there are many children's hospitals in the east of Ukraine, where children are also brought from hot spots, and we began to expand the geography of our activities! So they decided to help those institutions that are closer to the front line.
     I believe in miracles, I believe in people! Despite everything that is happening now. I believe that our children have a future, and their dreams will come true!
     I am inspired by Doctors who work around the clock! They save lives, save destinies and fight for their patients! Their stories about those children who were saved thanks to the fact that this or that device was purchased in time!!!!!
     I am inspired by people who help and encourage. Their stories! Their children who want to help other children. We start to correspond, get to know each other, communicate and they really help and support a lot. Geography, believe me, is wide!
     "In dark times, you can clearly see bright people!" I often came across this quote on social networks. But its full meaning was revealed to me personally recently.
     The support and help you all provide is inspiring! Every donation is important! Any of your participation - from donations to reposts - brings us closer to the purchase of medical equipment that can help children from hot spots!!!
     Therefore - we do not stop!!!!


Anna Golubkova

  • "My dream is for children who have gone through the horrors of war to know that despite the evil that is happening around them, there is always a ray of light and goodness that will come to help."

    My name is Anna, I am a mother of three children and a website designer.

    At the beginning of the war, I actively helped Ukrainians to leave hot spots, organized the supply of food/medicine/water. It saved me in a way during this terrible time.

    In March, I supported Tatiana's idea to help children's hospitals. At that time, I could not even imagine that a whole "Good Donations" fund would be born from this.

    My dream is for children who have gone through the horrors of war to know that despite the hell that is happening around them, there is always a ray of light and goodness that will come to them with a hand of help. I want that children would able again to have the feelings of love: love for their neighbor, for their homeland, for the world. So that they grow into adults who act not because "you need to hate and take revenge", but because "I can create a new prosperous country, my job is to make the world more good". I am sure - understanding that there are people who support in times of trouble gives the basis for faith themselves and the surrounding world.

    Currently, many children are still in hot spots, they are taken out from under the rubble, brought to hospitals with injuries. Hospitals constantly need replenishment of equipment and medicines. And if you think that your 100-1000 UAH is a drop in the ocean, then I assure you: it is not for those children who will be saved by the medical equipment that we will buy with your donations. Therefore, we do not stop and move on. With your help and support ❤️



  • Where do you get your requests from?

    We are constantly in touch with working pediatricians, they inform us of the current needs of the hospital and children. We receive an official request from the hospital, search for and purchase the necessary equipment, and personally deliver it to the hospital in the hands of a surgeon or orthopedist. Be sure to post a report and a photo with a call to the hospital on social media and continue fundraising for the next request.

  • How can you make a donation?

    We have an official account, paypal and even a pocket on binance. For details, write to Instagram direct and email. When you transfer money to us, you automatically agree that the amount of the donation is non-refundable

  • Where can I see your reporting?

    We post every purchase, every fundraiser on our social networks. Also, we must submit a report to the tax office every year.

  • What are the relevant fees now?

    We post all relevant meetings on Instagram and Facebook.

  • And if you collect more than necessary?

    If there is any remaining money, it is in our account and is used for the following projects. When you send your donation, you confirm your consent to their redistribution/use in other projects.

Our contacts:

t is in our power to alleviate the suffering of the children of Ukraine. Let's make a strong and healthy nation together.
Your every contribution is very important!

If you have ideas and suggestions on how to help children's hospitals, please contact us!
Email: moc.liamg%40snoitanod.doog.ot

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